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HIVE-2139: Enables HiveServer to accept -hiveconf option

Review Request #958 - Created June 24, 2011 and updated

Patrick Hunt
This patch updates HiveServer and HiveMetastore to add proper cli handling - similar to that used in CliDriver (ie GnuParser).

There's a common HiveCli class that's used by both main classes.

I've attempted to make the cli's backward compatible with the prior command line processing. Notice I've "deprecated" (via warnings, but the code still runs) if the old style CLI usage is used.

commands such as the following now work as expected:

bin/hive --service hiveserver -t 200 -p 12000 --hiveconf hive.root.logger=DEBUG,console

as does the following which generates usage information:

bin/hive --service hiveserver -h

Note: HiveMetastore as not initializing log4j, I updated the code to do similar to HiveServer (otw the hiveconf hive.root.logger option above didn't work).

I couldn't find any tests for these changes, so I verfied the changes manually.
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