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Flume-1685: ExecSource shouldn't die if the channel is full

Review Request #8987 - Created Jan. 17, 2013 and discarded

Steve Hoffman
Rather than kill the source outright when a channel fills, the channel should throw away the event (since there is nowhere to put it).  A basic back-off mechanism is also implemented so retries get spaced out the longer the channel remains full up to a configurable limit.

Patches are attached to FLUME-1685 including a backport to the 1.2 branch (which I use with Cloudera's cdh3u5 distribution)
A unit test was created to test the full channel condition.
This patch has been running in our production environment for 2 months and has successfully recovered several times from full channel events.
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Linked to Flume, not flume-git repository.  Closing this one.  New review opened here: