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SQOOP-818 Missing method setConnManager(Lcom/cloudera/sqoop/manager/ConnManager;)V in ExportJobContContext breaks MS SQL Connector

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Jarek Cecho
I've added missing method and one missing public inner class.
* SQOOP-820 is needed in order to properly test this
* I've verified on ThirdParty tests that the connector is working using following command:

ant clean test '-Dtestcase=SQLServerManager*' -Dsqoop.test.sqlserver.connectstring.host_url=jdbc:sqlserver://<IP>:1433

Please note that 2 test are expected to fail as they are testing custom schema support that Connector from Microsoft do not have at the moment, namely:

* SQLServerManagerExportManualTest.testExportCustomSchema()
* SQLServerManagerImportManualTest.testImportDifferentSchema()
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