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HIVE-2036: Update bitmap indexes for automatic usage

Review Request #857 - Created June 6, 2011 and updated

Syed Albiz
Add support for generating index queries to support automatic usage of bitmap indexes. This required changing the interface to the IndexHandlers to support accepting queries on multiple indexes. The compact indexes were modified to use this new interface as well, although no functional changes were made to how they work. Only supports AND predicates right now, but it should be possibly to extend the BitmapQuery interface defined in this patch to easily support OR predicates as well. Currently benchmarking these changes on a test cluster.
Passes unit tests, additional testcase to test automatic bitmap indexing index_bitmap_auto.q was also added to the TestCliDriver suite. Currently benchmarking changes on a test cluster.
Review request changed
Updated (June 17, 2011, 10:34 p.m.)
added comments, only push filter expr into TS operator when automatic indexing is turned on.