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TestHiveHistory::testQueryloglocParentDirNotExist Test fails on Windows because of some resource leaks in ZK

Review Request #7835 - Created Nov. 2, 2012 and updated

Kanna Karanam
ashutoshc, carl
Hive uses ZK for locking. In some test cases, ZK is not behaving well. In thread dumps, I saw it is waiting for locks to be released but they were not getting released. Hive tries to release locks but keeps failing, it eventually times out for its release attempts, which in default settings takes 10 mins. This is also the cause of why some queries take extra-ordinarily long to run. I suggest to disable ZK locking till ZK is certified for windows.In this test case, I don’t see a requirement to use ZK so I am disabling the HiveConf.ConfVars.HIVE_SUPPORT_CONCURRENCY to work around the issue.