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fix patch disks from reproducing like rabbits

Review Request #7040 - Created Sept. 11, 2012 and submitted

Marcus Sorensen
master, 4.0
Issue: System VMs on KVM create a patch disk on startup that contains a few file updates. These patch disks don't ever get cleaned up, causing them to build up.

Fix: Make patch disk name non-unique and based on system vm so we never have more than one per system vm.  On startup, look for existing patch disk with the correct name and use it, otherwise create a new one. Delete patch disk on shutdown (this cleans them up when VMs are destroyed as well). Hopefully I've unraveled the StorageManager/StorageAdaptor/LibvirtComputingResource correctly and created a proper implementation.
Tested against current 4.0 branch, started/stopped routers for isolated and VPC networks and secondary storage VMs. Reboots continue to use existing patch disk, anything that stops the VM removes the patch disk.
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