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AutoScale. Aligning the NetScaler response time counter, and correcting duration check against interval

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Vijay Venkatachalam
deepak, devdeep
    1. Better names for default counters (removed special characters etc)
    2. Aligning the Netscaler response time counter to the right unit. (changing from milliseconds to microseconds)
    3. Duration cannot be less than interval and making QuietTime independent of interval.
1. deploydb succeeds.
2. Testing duration check.
       a. create autoscale config (duration=300), (interval=30)
       b. fire updateAutoScalePolicy with duration=25.  #checks update path.
3. Testing quiettime independency.
       a. create autoscale config (quiettime=25), (interval=30) #verifies create path
       b. fire updateAutoScalePolicy with quiettime=24.  #verifies update path
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