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Patch with spaces for shindig

Review Request #6208 - Created July 30, 2012 and updated

Evgeny Bogdanov
Spaces proposal patch for shindig:

the changes are isolated, it should not break other things because
it is mainly the definition of new REST/RPC/osapi endpoints and the
Space/App model plus handling of IRI
with the patch, the shindig tests pass without problems
Posted (Aug. 14, 2012, 4:28 p.m.)
Evgeny, since this changes will adhere to OpenSocial Next spec proposals, we could wait until Shindig 2.5.0 is out or we could move the code changes and the bindings to shindig-extras module. 
  1. I think it's better to wait until 2.5.0 is out
  2. I think putting it in extras either way will be a good idea because this is definitely something people will want to get their hands on it will most likely evolve over time.  If you want to wait until after 2.5.0 that is fine with me.
  3. Well, let's put into extras!
    I m not exactly sure what it means and how much overhead it'll introduce.
    So if you explain to me what I should do, I can try to do it ..