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RAVE-624 dynamic debug preference

Review Request #5844 - Created July 9, 2012 and updated

Aaron Gooch
Allow dynamic debug mode switching. Preferences will now allow toggle between debug on and off for container.js. An Event listening interface was created to fire the change and the DefaultScriptManager implements the interface listening for an event to happen.

Review request changed
Updated (July 16, 2012, 6:12 p.m.)
Fixed patch file. 
Ship it!
Posted (July 18, 2012, 4:29 p.m.)
Overall looks good, will make a few minor tweaks with commit:
1) add apache header to PortalPreferenceKeys
2) ignore pom.xml changes (looks like local changes you shouldn't have included)
3) OpenSocialEnvironment - created a constant string for the value of the "debug on" instead of inlining it
  1. Please close if this has been applied