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Nicira NVP integration for CloudStack

Review Request #5590 - Created June 26, 2012 and submitted

Hugo Trippaers
Patch to add Nicira NVP support to CloudStack. As discussed this patch is related to phase 1, which is basic L2 connectivity. L3 connectivity and integration with the network offering for SNAT will be in phase2.
Simple build check
  clean-all build-all

Testing of all api calls
 * addNiciraNvpDevice
 * deleteNiciraNvpDevice		
 * listNiciraNvpDevices
 * listNiciraNvpDeviceNetwork

Functional testing using the following procedure
* start from clean db and create zone (with guest traffic on a physical network with stt isolation type)
* add NiciraNvp network service provider and enable
* add NiciraNcpDevice to physical network and configure using api
* create guestnetwork
* create instance linked to guest network
* check existence of logical switch and logical ports for routervm and instance
* check connectivity between routervm and instance
* destroy host
* after shutdown of routervm and network check logical switch and ports on nicira (should be gone)

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