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Closure compile all feature JavaScript as part of JUnit execution to ensure no JavaScript errors at build time

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Stanton Sievers
See the JIRA for the high-level description.

My approach to doing this was to introduce a new test case in the end-to-end tests.  This way I can test with a real FeatureRegistry against the real web app.  I make a request to the JsServlet for all of the features, which will run through the compiler processors.  Because of the changes that went in for, we will return the compile error and this will get printed as part of the JUnit assert failure, pin-pointing the exact compile problem.

Note that this does increase the time it takes to execute the EndToEndTest on the scale of tens of seconds.
Introduced some JS errors and verified that the unit test failed.  Additionally verified the reason for the failure was readily available.
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Updated (May 15, 2012, 1:46 a.m.)
Making the all feature name a little more unique so as to avoid any collisions.
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