Review Board 1.7.22

Support globbing for registering jars in pig script.

Review Request #508 - Created March 14, 2011 and submitted

Daniel Dai
Currently user can not register pig jars with globing.

For example following register script will fail.

    register /etc/jars/*.jar 

It will be great if we can support such globing for registering jars.

Release notes:
We allow globbing in register statement. User can use "*" to denote a globbing, eg:
register key*.jar
register /home/jarpath/key*.jar
register jars/key*.jar

The path can be absolute path or relative path start with working directory.

Note globbing does not further search in classpath as non-globbing case does, eg:
"register key1234.jar" works if key1234.jar in classpath, but not in working directory, however,
"register key*.jar" will not locate key1234.jar in this case.
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Unit test:
    all pass

End-to-end test:
    all pass