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RAVE-103. Support shared spaces.

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Paul Sharples
RAVE-103. support shared spaces.  I've submitted this patch here rather than commit the code directly, as the changes affect the UI and I wanted a request for comments type approach first. This is a page sharing patch which allows a user to share his/her page with other rave users, as well as also allowing the user to revoke page shares. A user who receives a shared page can opt to confirm the share (meaning the page will always appear in his/her tabbed page list or decline it (i.e I don't want this shared page).  There's still more to improve on this, but the basic functionality is there. Note I have removed the render sequencing away from the page object into the new pageUser object.  This is because with the possibility of having several users of a page, they all need to have their own page render sequencing. See RAVE-103.

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