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QPID-3767: identify Link and Bridge objects by an assigned name, rather than by the remote Host and Port.

Review Request #4659 - Created April 5, 2012 and submitted

Kenneth Giusti
aconway, gordon, rgodfrey, tross
This set of changes modifies the Broker's Link and Bridge objects by changing the way they are indexed.  This change is visible to users as it modifies the existing management model for this objects.

The current implementation uses the remote broker's Host and Port value to identify the Link, and also as part of the index for identifiying the Bridge.

The problem with this approach is that it does not support failover well, where the remote Host and Port values are likely to change.

This patch modifies the Link and Bridge object to now be indexed by a unique name (expressed as a string).  It removes the host & port indexing from the QMF model.  With this patch, host and port are allowed to change over time without invalidating the Link or Bridge.

I've also added a reference to the connection that the Link is using - this useful information was missing from the existing model.

This patch also introduces the ability to create Links and Bridges via the QMF Broker object's "create" and "delete" method.  This feature is yet to be used by qpid-route, however, and the old methods to create Links and Bridges using host and ports are preserved for backward compatibility.  We can remove this if desired in a later release.

Things this patch does not do, and I'll like to track as separate feature requests if possible:

o) Modify the qpid-route tool to allow the ability to name links and bridges if desired - and allowe more control over the management of Links & Bridges - details TBD.
o) Java broker support of Link and Bridge naming, and the ability to manage Links/Bridges via the broker's create/delete methods.
Alan - my changes to the HA code are at best a guess, can you take a look?   
Rob - ditto my changes to the Java broker.

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