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OODT-424: clean build env doesn't work

Review Request #4406 - Created March 19, 2012 and updated

Ricky Nguyen
bfoster, lmzxq.tom, mattmann, pramirez, sherylj
* updated super POM to use maven repo
* added globus repo to FTP module
* removed old xerces dep
ran clean build on my machine

I don't have jenkins access to run a one-off build to test these changes. Can someone do this?
Posted (March 20, 2012, 12:12 a.m.)


trunk/curator/pom.xml (Diff revision 1)
Not sure we want to move this up to core pom.xml?... what other dependency requires this move?
trunk/pushpull/pom.xml (Diff revision 1)
Interesting... so the jar needed by this is now only in ftp protocol?... good catch... this should probably go in... wasn't in my patch... i already added it to ftp protocol jar
Posted (March 20, 2012, 5:34 a.m.)
LGTM, but want to hear back on the before ship it...
trunk/core/pom.xml (Diff revision 1)
Yah I'm with Brian on this -- can we push this into the component pom that needs it?
trunk/opendapps/pom.xml (Diff revision 1)
Nice, catch!