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Refactor queue flow to associate AsyncCompletion with SessionState's incomplete command list.

Review Request #426 - Created Feb. 16, 2011 and submitted

Kenneth Giusti
aconway, gordon
Refactors msg completion as described above.

Disables queue flow control if broker is member of a cluster.
make -j3 check
Posted (Feb. 16, 2011, 9:04 a.m.)


Dtor should call cancel() to wait for the callback to end.
  1. Good catch.  Done.
As currently coded sys::isCluster wont work until the broker has joined a cluster. 
I'll fix that so it is set after earlyInitAll. Can't make it earlier than that as the cluster is loaded from a plugin. Is it possible to move the queue flow setting to after earlyInitAll?
  1. I've moved the test to after the earlyInitAll().
Need comment to explain what "ingress" means as it's not a term used anywhere else.
  1. Done.
Should be called isFlowControlled or something like that.
Will get back to this when I've figured out the replication better. Looks like its in the right direction.
  1. Makes sense - I'll check it in as-is and we can address it as part of cluster support.