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HBASE-5489: Add HTable accessor to get regions for a key range

Review Request #4117 - Created March 1, 2012 and updated

David Wang
getRegionsInRange() will retrieve the HRegionLocations for the regions associated with the specified key range, using client-side cache if possible.

I have one question: right now the endKey specified to getRegionsInRange() is treated as inclusive.  I followed the behavior that I saw in HRegionInfo.containsRange().  However, other HBase code such as Scan treats the endKey as exclusive.  So I am not clear as to which way we should go here.  I can easily change the patch if we want the endKey to be exclusive; please let me know.  Thanks in advance.
Ran the TestFromClientSide unit tests and passed repeatedly.

Ran with the following results:

-1 overall.  

    +1 @author.  The patch does not contain any @author tags.

    +1 tests included.  The patch appears to include 3 new or modified tests.

    -1 javadoc.  The javadoc tool appears to have generated -129 warning messages.

    +1 javac.  The applied patch does not increase the total number of javac compiler warnings.

    +1 findbugs.  The patch does not introduce any new Findbugs (version ) warnings.

    +1 release audit.  The applied patch does not increase the total number of release audit warnings.
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Made minor changes as per Stack's comments.