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Maven project enhancements to improve embedding and extending shindig-server

Review Request #3695 - Created Jan. 30, 2012 and submitted

Ate Douma
This is an *artificial* patch showing the *end* result of the proposed changes.
These changes assume several source *moves*, which cannot be reliably captured as an svn diff.
If this patch is accepted, it probably is best to do (part of) the proposed steps as described in manually.

Note: I've created this patch using svn 1.7.2 with (1.7+ only) command parameters: svn diff --show-copies-as-adds --no-diff-deleted 

Review request changed
Updated (Feb. 3, 2012, 9:03 p.m.)
Another update to the patch. This time much smaller as I stopped trying to move svn source trees through svn diff patches (which simply doesn't work reliable).

After this patch is applied, the following svn commands need to be executed to end up with the desired result (from the checkout root folder):

  $ svn move --parents java/server/src/main/java java/sample-container/src/main/java
  $ svn move --parents java/server/src/main java/server-resources/src/main
Thanks to Jesse for the suggestion to solve it this way: *much* easier!
Ship it!
Posted (Feb. 6, 2012, 1:47 p.m.)

I applied the patch, ran the SVN move commands and was then able to "mvn clean install" without any issues and successfully deployed/tested the resulting war file as well.

It would be nice if someone else could do the same though (preferably someone who understands maven well) just to validate before I commit the changes to trunk.

I'd like to commit by this Wednesday afternoon (2/8/2012) -- maybe by 2PM eastern time?  Does that give anyone interested enough time to review as well?

If anyone would like more time to review please let me know.