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patch to change to use nanoTime. i put it on review board to flag the places that we still need to use actual time

Review Request #3648 - Created Jan. 26, 2012 and updated

Benjamin Reed
ZOOKEEPER-1366. Zookeeper should be tolerant of clock adjustments

Posted (Jan. 26, 2012, 10:35 p.m.)
i found just a couple of places where we should be using wall time. one file that isn't in the patch that we need to fix is i think lastResponseTime should have a comment to say that it is the system time and we can make getLastResponseTime() return the wall time using "return System.currentMillis() - (Time.currentElapsedTime() - lastResponseTime);"
this is using wall time since we are using the Date class.
this should also be wall time
i think all of the kerberos stuff is based around the wall time
this should return wall clock time. it is for txn timestamps
this should probably still be wall time, but it isn't formatted, so either way it's not very readable.
this should be wall time
this should be wall time
this should be wall time
This should be wall time
oops you missed a change to currentElapsedTime