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Make Flume 0.9x compatible with Hadoop 0.23

Review Request #3599 - Created Jan. 24, 2012 and updated

Prasad Mujumdar
bmahe, jmhsieh
1. Add new maven profile to compile with Hadoop 0.23
2. Exclude the variants of sequence file which are not compiling with 0.23
3. Replace the deprecated HDFS interface (getCompressionType)
Full  test run. 
Still have two failures, one is intermittent and other looks like hadoop bug. will complete the analysis.
Ship it!
Posted (Jan. 26, 2012, 1:33 a.m.)
Hey Prasad, mostly nits / comment requests for more 'whys' in code.  Please add and feel free tocommit.

Which tests failed?  If require significant changes, please resubmit.  If they are minor, this essentially lgtm.
  1. Thanks for the review Jon !
    Addressed the space/indentation nits
    Updated the pom to pickup the hadoop dependencies from apache repo
    added comments in
    The failed test seems to be a 0.23 bug, I will go ahead and log a jira and also one for hadoop 1.0 compilation. 
flume-core/pom.xml (Diff revision 2)
Is here a reason why there is only one profile here but 2 in the other?  

as a non-maven expert, is any way to consolidate the two (i thought the subprojects can inherit properties.)
flume-core/pom.xml (Diff revision 2)
nit: indents
This is wonky code -- I can understand why it is needed with the context of the JIRA but without it I can't tell.  Can you add comments about why this is necessary and a reference to FLUME-937?  This seems to be the right place to explain it.
nit: extra lines.
pom.xml (Diff revision 2)
File an issue to make compile against apache 1.0.0 hadoop?
pom.xml (Diff revision 2)
File an issue to make it compile against apache hadoop 0.23.0?
pom.xml (Diff revision 2)
nit: indents