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HBASE-4377 [hbck] Offline rebuild .META. from fs data only -- 0.90 version.

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Jonathan Hsieh
Backport to 0.90

commit 89862b73c6358e27220b87b0362599d86ab0fe4a
Author: Jonathan Hsieh <>
Date:   Wed Sep 28 10:18:11 2011 -0700

    HBASE-4377 [hbck] Offline rebuild .META. from fs data only
Note, the assertion test result is different in the failure cases due to HBASE-451 changes. (0.90 returns 0 tables since it does a meta scan on empty meta, trunk branch looks at hdfs dirs, and returns 1).

This version passes after HBASE-4508 (backport HBASE-3777 to 0.90 branch) is applied. 

I believe if that patch is not applied, I could modify the test code to force some explicit HConnection deletions.
Review request changed
Updated (Oct. 31, 2011, 9:03 p.m.)
Updated to address stacks comments.  I believe Seb's patch wasn't necessary in 0.90 since that code came in on HBASE-451 which isn't on the 0.90 branch.