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HDFS-2301 Start/stop appropriate namenode internal services during transition to active and standby

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Todd Lipcon
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perhaps should be abstract since it won't ever be instantiated?

these functions are meant only for the server side, right? Otherwise they should all take an authority, and look at configs prefixed/suffixed with that authority?

let me jump over to HDFS-2231 and try to review that first.. having a hard time following this.
  1. Class has private constructor. I prefer that to abstract class. For some reason, I included HAUtil in this patch causing lot of confusion. It belongs to 2231. So I am attaching a patch without HAUtil changes. Also I will address rest of your HAUtil comments in 2231.
long line
strange formatting
so this patch now depends on HDFS-2231 (Conf changes for HA NN), right?