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Add failsafe plugin to separate out integration tests and unit tests

Review Request #2022 - Created Sept. 22, 2011 and submitted

Jesse Yates
HBASE-4438, HBASE-4454
Add failsafe plugin to the build to separate out integration tests and unit tests. 

Integration tests are specified by matching the regex **/IT*.java (similar to the unit test regex of **/Test*.java).

This is a stop gap until we break the build into modules. The downside here is that ITs and UTs are all munged together.

This does not include renaming of tests to match new regex as that patch will be massive and dilute this one.
Integration tests run and are not repeated by unit tests.
Ship it!
Posted (Sept. 23, 2011, 6:57 p.m.)
Looks good.  I should apply to TRUNK only, right.
  1. We can put it on to 0.92 as well, for if we want to start adding any integration tests over there as well.
pom.xml (Diff revision 1)
Should it be IT or ITest?
  1. It could be either. See comments on
    I'm liking ITest*, but was just following failsafe conventions.  What do you want to go with?