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PHP: Proxied requests with OAuth2

Review Request #1680 - Created Aug. 30, 2011 and updated

Bastian Hofmann
mgmarum, woodstae

this is the first take on implementing OAuth2 support for proxied content in PHP. It still only works with and not with osapi.http. 

Still todo: Mostly unit tests since there were no tests for the OAuth1 implementation to begin with. But, since it's a big change and the Java implementation is ongoing at the moment as well, I wanted to get this out and get feedback on it as early as possible.

Posted (Aug. 30, 2011, 3:44 p.m.)
This OAuth 2.0 client implementation looks good so far.  Thanks Bastian for jumping on this!
This look good to me here though Eric has more experience on the client side.  But the flow looks correct, etc.  Review tool has picked up a few extra spaces in this file that could be cleaned up.
This works for now, though we are looking to add a separate OAuth2 element for registering OAuth 2.0 service endpoints rather than overloading the existing OAuth configuration.  As of today, this hasn't made it into the draft yet.