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HIVE-5726: The DecimalTypeInfo instance associated with a decimal constant is not in line with the precision/scale of the constant

Review Request #15217 - Created Nov. 4, 2013 and updated

Xuefu Zhang
With this patch, the resuting schema from constant is in accordance with the constant instead of the default from the type.
New tests are added. Test suite passed.
Posted (Nov. 5, 2013, 7:31 p.m.)
This looks very good!  Why didn't we add a new test to TestHiveDecimal? It looks like this functionality could be tested there.
  1. Were you referring to the change made to HiveDecimal? If so, yes, that can be tested in TestHiveDecimal. However, the main objection of the the patch cannot be tested in TestHiveDecimal, as HiveDecimal represents data only, but type info is about metadata.
  2. Sorry I wasn't clear. Yes I am asking why we didn't add new test functionality to TestHiveDecimal for the changes in HiveDecimal. The change looks like it's a good candidate for a unit test to ensure we don't regress.