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SQOOP-1223 Enhance the password file capability to enable plugging-in custom loaders

Review Request #15192 - Created Nov. 2, 2013 and updated

Jarek Cecho
I've changed the logic of loading passwords from password file to enable plugging in custom loader. I've also provided example implementation of advanced loader that is able to retrieve the password from encrypted file.
Added unit tests that is testing all out-of-the-box available ECB methods in Java.
Review request changed
Updated (Nov. 5, 2013, 6:47 p.m.)
Incorporated Hari's suggestion.
Posted (Nov. 5, 2013, 6:50 p.m.)
This is good to make sure that the scripts can use encrypted passwords and the additional providers can be added to support better way of managing the passwords.   Also, I think it would be nicer to generally support the DB implementations for secure external authentication (atleast in the case of Sqoop) similar to the Oracle wallet support
  1. Yup exactly, the purpose of the JIRA is open the implementation to plug in any custom loader - possibly even some sort of wallet implementation. The provided "CryptoFileLoader" is more an example of advanced loader, as it's merely obfuscating the password I'm expecting that this will not be the last one. Feel free to implement one if you have an idea Venkat :-)
  2. i added support for Oracle Wallets :)   But when we have DB external authentication, then we don't need alternate ways to encrypt/obfuscate it as the DB SSO implementations would be different.   That said, I did implement a secure password handler in a previous life.   May be I can do that for DBs not having external authentication features  :)
  3. Totally agreed that there is no need to encrypt/obfuscate password if we have some external authentication available. Sadly not all db vendors might supported that :-/ Anyway, will take a look at your patch about the Oracle Wallets shortly!
Minor nit - indentation
  1. Looking into the code, the indentation seems the same as on the other lines. I'm wondering if that is just a review board issue?
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Posted (Nov. 5, 2013, 7:09 p.m.)
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