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HIVE-4892: PTest2 cleanup after merge

Review Request #12790 - Created July 20, 2013 and submitted

Brock Noland
Fixes the following issues:

README is out of date
Need to limit the number of failed source directories we copy back from the slaves
when looking for TEST-*.xml files we look at both the log directory (good) and the failed source directories (bad) therefore duplicating failures in jenkins report
We need to process bad hosts in the finally block of (HIVE-4882)
Need a mechanism to clean the ivy and maven cache (HIVE-4882)
PTest2 fails to publish a comment to a JIRA sometimes (HIVE-4889)
Now that PTest2 is committed to the source tree it's copying in our TEST-SomeTest*.xml files
This code is currently running in our ptest environment.
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