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SQOOP-1114 Sqoop2: Integration: Add tests for various Generic JDBC Connector splitters

Review Request #12201 - Created June 30, 2013 and updated

Jarek Cecho
I've added new test case that is testing most of splitters available in Generic JDBC Connector. For those tests I've prepared new testing data set that is based on Ubuntu releases and updated junit to version 4.11 for better Parameterized runner.
2 out of 4 new tests are currently failing, both appear to be code (and not test) issues, so I've filled SQOOP-1112 and SQOOP-1113 to deal with them separately.
Review request changed
Updated (July 30, 2013, 4:10 a.m.)
Rebasing on current head. Full build will still fail because of SQOOP-1154 (there was typo in my previous comment).
Posted (July 30, 2013, 8:53 p.m.)
This looks good. I will wait for SQOOP-1112 and SQOOP-1113 to be fixed and committed before committing this one - so all the tests actually pass.
  1. Looks like those have been committed, but I still see test failures:
    Failed tests:   testSplitter[code_name-13-3](org.apache.sqoop.integration.connector.jdbc.generic.imports.PartitionerTest): Output do not match expectations.
      testSplitter[code_name-13-5](org.apache.sqoop.integration.connector.jdbc.generic.imports.PartitionerTest): Output do not match expectations.
      testSplitter[code_name-13-10](org.apache.sqoop.integration.connector.jdbc.generic.imports.PartitionerTest): Output do not match expectations.
      testSplitter[code_name-13-13](org.apache.sqoop.integration.connector.jdbc.generic.imports.PartitionerTest): Output do not match expectations.
  2. Hi Hari,
    thank you much for your review! The build failures are expected and are being tracked by SQOOP-1154. The JIRA itself is already in "Patch available" state, so feel free to review it as well!
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Posted (July 31, 2013, 6:27 a.m.)
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