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Fix for SQOOP-988

Review Request #10549 - Created April 16, 2013 and updated

Venkat Ranganathan
Changes to write a message about the validation being performed and on successful validation, a message that validation was successful
Ran all tests and also some validation tests.   Output similar to the following will be provided for validation

13/04/16 07:28:21 INFO mapreduce.JobBase: Validating the integrity of the import using the following configuration
	Validator : org.apache.sqoop.validation.RowCountValidator
	Threshold Specifier : org.apache.sqoop.validation.AbsoluteValidationThreshold
	Failure Handler : org.apache.sqoop.validation.AbortOnFailureHandler

13/04/16 07:28:21 INFO validation.RowCountValidator: Data successfully validated
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Posted (April 16, 2013, 4:57 p.m.)
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