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FLUME-1972 ElasticSearchSink now allows the id of the document to be provided by a custom class

Review Request #10380 - Created April 9, 2013 and discarded

Edward Sargisson
Elasticsearch allows clients to specify the id of the newly added document - and will generate one by default if none is supplied. If the user knows that the incoming event has a unique id then that id can be used as the elasticsearch document id. This change enhances the ElasticSearchSink to allow users to provide a custom class to decide what the id should be.
All unit tests and integration tests pass. A snapshot using commit 5b9d31f1ad228 and the patch for flume-1972 has passed our internal integration tests using customisations.
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Updated (April 26, 2013, 9:30 p.m.)
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Flume-2015 is a better patch.